The origin – and myth of Anglo-Saxons

Part 1

Recent research has shown us that the majority of individuals in the grave material from the 5th century had been born in England and only a smaller part appeared to have the same ancestry as the continental Friesians. A minority of the samples could be referred to a colder climate somewhere in northern Europe. The myth about the Angles’ descent from the peninsula Angel in the South-Eastern Jutland hasn’t yet been confirmed.

The origin – and myth of Anglo-Saxons, Part 1

Part 2

The present study appears to show, that a majority of the genetic material possibly can be traced to three main European groups, where West-Germany hypothesized seems to be one of the major contributors to the earliest migrations into the UK. This study demonstrates that a minority of the genetic material – plausible through the God Toutatis – can be traced to the territory of Agri Decumates.

The origin – and myth of Anglo-Saxons, Part 2

Part 3

The analysis of the epigraphic evidence in the present study attempts to draw a parallel to the earliest migrations into the UK, i.e. the tribe Corieltauvi in Lindsey, Britannia – and the Aquincum cult of the God Teutanus in Pannonia inferior. A plausible cult carrier seems to be the Roman ‘Legion II adiutrix’.

The origin – and myth of Anglo-Saxons, Part 3